Sway with the notes, as a petal lingers upon the wind.


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Vitality Elegance
Role Sustain Mage
Archetype Ranged, Magic
Affiliation The South
Age 40
Cost Waypoints Destiny1 685 Waypoints/1800 Destiny
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Damage StarIconStarIconStarIcon
Disabler StarIcon
Sustain {{{sustain}}}
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Base Stats
Attack Damage
Attack Range
Damage Reduction
Magic Resist
Magic Reduction
Attack Damage (per Power)
Attack Speed (per Haste)
Cooldown (per Haste)
Movement Speed
Though famed across the south for her sublime dancing, Ashabel is talented in arts from poetry to song. Clients at her salon pay handsomely for hours on the arms of clever and charming companions, enjoying refined conversation and recitals… but the lady holds herself aloof, the Spirit of Elegance her only company.
Ashabel is a Ranged, magical damage sustain Mage who excels above all Shapers at sieging the enemy team. Ashabel succeeds in any lane role, harassing enemy Shapers from afar while also clearing and last-hitting waves equally well. Extremely long range harass combined with short range versatility and burst make Ashabel an excellent fighter particularly in skirmishes. Ashabel’s late game sustained damage is very potent, but relies heavily on her ability to land her skillshots consistently while positioning herself cleverly enough to make up for lack of hard CC or high mobility. Ashabel’s Ultimate is one of the most impactful in Dawngate, allowing Ashabel to both contribute to teamfights from afar and deal massive magical damage to an entire enemy team.
Ability Name Ability Description

Pure Shaper
Buffeting Winds

Ashabel may cast her abilities freely. Whenever Ashabel deals damage to an enemy Shaper with one of her abilities, she slows them for a short time.


Ashabel spins a balls of wind to target location, dealing magical damage to all enemies in a small area. Dealing damage with this ability will reduce its cooldown significantly.

Stance Dance

Passive: Gale’s damage is increased.
Active: Ashabel switches between two stances: Zephyr Stance and Storm Stance. Zephyr Stance increases the range of Gale, while Storm Stance reduces the range of Gale but increases the damage.


Zephyr Stance – Slipstream: Ashabel unleashes a blast of wind in target direction, dealing magical damage to the first target hit. Slipstream deals more damage the farther it travels.
Storm Stance – Stormwall: Ashabel blasts all nearby targets with wind, dealing magical damage and knocking them away from her.

Wrath of Heaven

Ashabel summons a wind dragon at target location, dealing high magical damage in an area after a delay. This ability may be cast anywhere on the battlefield.

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