For lore on Faris, see Fragments Part I and II.
All living things adapt to their surroundings.

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Vitality Ruin
Role Assassin
Archetype Hybrid, Magic
Affiliation The East
Age 1,746
Cost Waypoints Destiny1 685 Waypoints/1800 Destiny
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Damage StarIconStarIconStarIcon
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Base Stats
Attack Damage
Attack Range
Damage Reduction
Magic Resist
Magic Reduction
Attack Damage (per Power)
Attack Speed (per Haste)
Cooldown (per Haste)
Movement Speed
In the turbulent era that closed out the Age of Majesty, Faris was built to protect the children of the powerful from a rising tide of violent religious zealotry. The Spirit of Ruin sought him after centuries alone. In this age, there are still children to protect - by any means necessary.
Faris is a hybrid Ranged and Melee magical damage assassin that brings a large amount of versatility and damage to a team. Faris succeeds in every role in Dawngate, bringing formidable harass and kill potential to the lane or fast clear times and powerful ganks to the jungle. Faris’ primary gameplay revolves around masterful use of his two Basic Attack modes – knowing when to stay in Ranged Mode to poke and harass or when to switch to Melee Mode and go in for the kill is key to playing Faris effectively. Faris’ ultimate is a very powerful nuke, but easily thwarted by a supportive enemy team – be sure to disrupt enemy attempts to save your ultimate target and ensure the kill. Faris, like all Assassins, is very susceptible to enemy CC and knowing when your opponents have used their CC abilities is critical to assassinating squishy targets.
Ability Name Ability Description

Pure Shaper

Faris may cast his abilities freely.


Activate to switch form between Melee and Ranged. Basic Attacks deal bonus damage based on the target's health.

Access Memory

Ranged: Create an image of Faris that fires several volleys in target direction. Melee: Create an image of Faris that spins in target direction, dealing increased damage to the first Shaper hit.


Dash to target location, dealing magical damage and slowing targets in an area. Recast to return to starting location.

Final Protocol

Begin targeting an enemy Shaper for a volley of missiles. Enemies near the primary target interfere with targeting, taking some missiles for themselves.

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