SoulRendIcon UnyieldingMarchIcon HeartEaterIcon RavenousPackIcon
Vitality Hunger
Role Sustain Mage
Archetype Ranged, Magic
Affiliation The Nine
Age 41
Cost Waypoints Destiny1 685 Waypoints/1800 Destiny
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Durable StarIcon
Damage StarIconStarIconStarIcon
Disabler {{{disabler}}}
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Sustain StarIconStarIcon
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Initiator {{{init}}}
Base Stats
Attack Damage
Attack Range 550
Armor 15
Damage Reduction 13%
Magic Resist 33
Magic Reduction 24%
Power 18
Attack Damage (per Power) 0.2
Attack Speed (per Haste) 0.2
Cooldown (per Haste) 0.6%
Movement Speed 385
Cool and practical, the warlord Fenmore betrayed his queen to build a peaceful, orderly world, united under his rule. The acting leader of a shadowy group known as “The Nine,” he wields the Vitality of Hunger, incarnate as a pack of his northern homeland’s ferocious wolves.
Fenmore is a ranged Caster who trades burst damage for sustained damage, durability and healing. Often dominating the early game due to his high sustain and long-range skillshots, Fenmore almost always becomes a late game powerhouse. Managing Fenmore’s Passive, which grants him significant Power when low on Health will often catch enemies off guard and allow Fenmore to pick up easy kills.
Ability Name Ability Description

Health Shaper

Fenmore uses Health to cast his abilities, and gains increased Power based on his missing Health.

Soul Rend

Rip out target enemy's soul and deal damage. Fenmore may collect the soul to shield himself.

Unyielding March

Fenmore surges with strength, freeing himself from movement-impairing effects while also temporarily increasing his Movement Speed and Power.

Heart Eater

Release a wolf that charges forward then returns, damages all enemies it pass though. Fenmore heals if he catches the wolf.

Ravenous Pack

For a few seconds, Fenmore is surrounded by spectral wolves that seek out and damage nearby enemies.



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