Guardians are the ultimate objective for each team. Slaying the enemy's guardian wins the game.

Guardians are imbued with unique abilities with which to defend themselves, while their Guardian Cores are alive. They are capable of some crowd control and huge area of effect damage.


The Guardian starts off with significantly high stats, and gets stronger throughout the game (to a certain point). Starting at 10 minutes, and with every further minute that passes, the Guardian levels up, gaining bonus Attack DamageStat BasicAttackDamageIcon and PowerStat PowerIcon.

Start (Level 1) 5000HP 320Stat BasicAttackDamageIcon 100Stat ArmorIcon 0Stat PowerIcon
Per Minute (10:00 onwards) +0HP +5Stat BasicAttackDamageIcon +0Stat ArmorIcon +5Stat PowerIcon
Maximum (Level 30, 38:00) 5000HP 465Stat BasicAttackDamageIcon 100Stat ArmorIcon 145Stat PowerIcon

Guardian AbilitiesEdit

Flame FissureEdit

An incredibly long, but narrow line gets marked from the Guardian, which, after a delay, erupts into flame, staying lit for a few seconds dealing large amounts of damage to enemy units standing upon it.

Missile BarrageEdit

Small spots on the ground are marked around nearby enemy Shapers; the Guardian then launches missiles that home towards them, which do damage upon impact, as well as create a small area for a short time, that slows enemy units who are standing upon it.

Guardian LaserEdit

A large circular area is marked with a reticule, centered on an enemy Shaper, which, after a small delay, erupts into flame for a few seconds, dealing immense damage over time.

Trap BubblesEdit

The Guardian creates a ring of large, off-white orbs that move slowly outwards from it. If one makes contact with an enemy Shaper, that shaper gets knocked up into the air for a couple of seconds.

Guardian CoresEdit

The Guardian is surrounded by five Guardian Cores, four of them providing a different ability each to the Guardian, with the fifth spawning health-packs for the allied team.

Each Guardian Core has 3000HP, and 50Stat ArmorIcon.

(Directions are looking from your Locus towards your Guardian.)

Health CoreEdit

The Health Core is front-and-center of the base. While alive, it releases health-packs for allied Shapers to pick up, healing them greatly over a short period of time, as well as granting a bonus to HasteStat HasteIcon.

Fissure CoreEdit

Front and right is the Fissure Core, which, while alive, enables the Guardian to use its Flame Fissure ability.

Missile CoreEdit

Front and left is the Missile Core, which, while alive, enables the Guardian to use its Missile Barrage ability.

Laser CoreEdit

To the rear and right is the Laser Core, which, while alive, enables the Guardian to use its Guardian Laser ability.

Bubble CoreEdit

To the rear and left is the Bubble Core, which, while alive, enables the Guardian to use its Trap Bubbles.

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