Loadouts are additional passive bonuses players may receive after choosing their desired team role. Below are found the pre-made loadouts; it is planned that players will be able to customize loadouts according to their personal play styles.

Loadouts Edit

  • Power Loadout: +18 Power
  • Power, Armor, Haste Loadout: +6 Power, +0.2 Armor, +4.8 Haste
  • Defense Penetration Loadout: +12 Defense Penetration
  • Brawler Loadout: +112 Health
    • Passive: You gain 3 to 7 Armor and Magic Resist for each nearby enemy Shaper
  • Adventurer Loadout: +6.9 Armor, +6 Power
    • Passive: You gain 8% bonus Movement Speed in tall grass
  • Force Bubble Loadout: +6.9 Magic Resist
    • Passive: After 10 seconds without taking damage you gain a shield equal to 8% of your maximum Health
  • Resonance Loadout: +3 Defense Penetration
    • Passive: Your basic attacks apply one stack of Resonance, dealing 8 to 21 (+x%) bonus magical damage for each stack. Resonance stacks up to 3 times and lasts 4 seconds.

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