For lore on Viyana, see Primeval Part I and II.
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Needle PureBlood Leech Exsanguinate
Vitality Purity
Role Support
Archetype Ranged, Magic
Affiliation The East
Age 32
Cost Waypoints Destiny1 685 Waypoints/1800 Destiny
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Durable {{{dur}}}
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Disabler StarIcon
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Sustain StarIconStarIconStarIcon
Utility StarIconStarIcon
Initiator StarIcon
Base Stats
Attack Damage
Attack Range
Damage Reduction
Magic Resist
Magic Reduction
Attack Damage (per Power)
Attack Speed (per Haste)
Cooldown (per Haste)
Movement Speed
Artfully bred, the product of generations of carefully preserved Blood Shaping expertise, Viyana regarded the advent of her Spirit of Purity as a natural and inevitable right. Her creators dispatched her to lead the barbarian rabble of the eastern tribes to victory.
Viyana is a ranged, magical damage support that focuses almost exclusively on healing and sustaining her team. Viyana performs best in a lane role, harassing enemies with a bevy of powerful abilities – being rewarded for skillful offensive play with increased healing or shielding. Viyana sacrifices core kit utility present on other support Shapers in exchange for powerful sustain; being mindful of your lane partner’s skillset and item choices can often inform which sustaining or shielding abilities will be most useful. Viyana’s ultimate is immensely powerful, notably piercing through all forms of crowd control immunity, but leaves her vulnerable to enemy advances – be sure to use your abilities wisely and note your team’s positioning before unleashing it on a hapless foe.
Ability Name Ability Description

Health Shaper

Viyana uses Health to cast her abilities, and gains increased effectiveness of Heals, Regen, and Lifedrain effectiveness based on her missing Health.


Launches a cursed bolt in target direction, damaging the first enemy hit before healing nearby low health allies.

Pure Blood

Generates Blood Orbs that heal nearby low health allies. Viyana may consume a Blood Orb to damage enemies at target area and reduce their healing.


Drains the soul of target enemy, damaging them and shielding a nearby low health ally.


Controls target enemy Shaper's blood, suppressing and damaging them while healing Viyana.

Dawngate Closed Beta; Viyana the Purifier20:22

Dawngate Closed Beta; Viyana the Purifier.

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