SentinelStrikeIcon CurseofWeaknessIcon DevourIcon DamnationIcon
Vitality Consumption
Role Carry Bruiser
Archetype Melee, Hybrid
Affiliation Unaffiliated
Age 37
Cost Waypoints Destiny1 685 Waypoints/1800 Destiny
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Durable {{{dur}}}
Damage StarIconStarIcon
Disabler {{{disabler}}}
Mobile {{{mobile}}}
Sustain StarIconStarIconStarIcon
Utility {{{utility}}}
Initiator {{{init}}}
Base Stats
Attack Damage
Attack Range 95
Armor 21
Damage Reduction 17%
Magic Resist 33
Magic Reduction 24%
Power 18
Attack Damage (per Power) 1
Attack Speed (per Haste) 1
Cooldown (per Haste) 0.2%
Movement Speed 395
Once the leader of a paladin order, Voluc bonded with the Spirit of Consumption as he lay dying in the holy woods. No longer quite human, he must remain tirelessly vigilant, lest the Vitality he wields suck the very life from all around him.
Voluc is a high damage, high sustain melee Bruiser adept at engaging teamfights and dealing widespread area damage to enemy Shapers. Voluc makes up for his lack of hard crowd control with pure damage, often outdamaging and outsustaining any other Shaper in a duel. Natural Lifedrain and health return on his kit encourage Voluc to stay in a fight, even when the outlook is grim. Never underestimate the amount of health Voluc can gain when using his Ultimate in a group of enemy Shapers or minions. VOLUC IS OP OLEOLE
Ability Name Ability Description

Pure Shaper

Voluc is not limited by a resource and may cast his abilities freely.

Sentinel Strike

Charge your sword, causing your next attack to deal high magical damage to enemies in an arc.

Curse of Weakness

Passively increases your Lifedrain. Activate to fire a shockwave at an enemy that damages, slows, and marks them, making your next attack against them deal bonus magical damage.


Damage all enemies in an arc and gain a stacking bonus to your Haste for each enemy struck.


Create a vortex around you that deals massive damage to nearby enemies and heals you based on the damage dealt.





Dev Playtest - 6 20 13 - Voluc56:35

Dev Playtest - 6 20 13 - Voluc

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