For lore on Zalgus, see Wasted Part I, II, and III.

ChainsofFate BurdenofKnowledge GreatRift FinalChapter
Vitality Fate
Role Burst Mage
Archetype Ranged, Magic
Affiliation The North
Age 21
Cost Waypoints Destiny1 685 Waypoints/1800 Destiny
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Durable {{{dur}}}
Damage StarIconStarIconStarIcon
Disabler StarIcon
Mobile {{{mobile}}}
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Utility StarIcon
Initiator {{{init}}}
Base Stats
Attack Damage
Attack Range
Damage Reduction
Magic Resist
Magic Reduction
Attack Damage (per Power)
Attack Speed (per Haste)
Cooldown (per Haste)
Movement Speed
Effete, intelligent, and obsessed with outcomes, Zalgus expected his fate as the son of a northern Duchess was to be married off for political gain. The Spirit of Fate showed him the future is not as blandly predictable as he anticipated.
Ability Name Ability Description

Pure Shaper

Zalgus may cast his abilities freely.

Chains of Fate

Zalgus throws a chain that damages, roots, and links all shapers it passes through. Whenever Zalgus damages a linked shaper, all other linked shapers are damaged as well.

Burden of Knowledge

Passive: Zalgus' basic attacks deal additional damage and can launch enemy shapers airborne. Active: Reveals all enemies in a massive arc.

Great Rift

Zalgus creates a portent at a targeted location that erupts, dealing magical damage to nearby enemies.

Final Chapter

Zalgus fires an energy blast, damaging the first enemy shaper it strikes. If it kills that enemy, for a short time Zalgus can recast Final Chapter again each time he kills a shaper with it.

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